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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 27, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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an inmate is being hospitalized. in the dead showdown in washington send bush -- debt showdown in washington sent stocks plummeting. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is wednesday, july 27. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. in inmates from san quentin is in the hospital after being crushed between the delivery truck and loading ramp. jana katsuyama is live. >> reporter: we are staying the night by front gate. they tell you that have been spending a prison building. the inmate was crushed by a
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delivery truck as it was backing up the mac the truck was backing in and somehow he became wedged between the truck. >> reporter: they did this to the bad warehouse area and showed us the scene. he was standing near the loading ramp. >> is because the individual is a inmates does that mean that he was not recognized as a person. an entry to one is an injury to all -- injury to one is an injury to all. >> reporter: witnesses say he was unresponsive the firefighters are she loves him and obstinately i'm stabilized and we started cpr. >> we got to the point where we got his balls.
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>> -- we got his pulse. >> reporter: prison safety procedures will be investigated. >> we will make the decision on whether or not be will be excepting modes from outside vendors tomorrow -- loads from transport owners if the driver has been put on leave and the company is hoping the inmate survives. still answers tonight about inequality issues following the huge fire. health officials say they are living on the results are later tests feed a giant plume of smoke mean as minutes i harmful as many people feared. solano county health officials told us that to many chemicals
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with a bright by intense mainstream nevertheless, families are worried. >> we do not know the side effects. >> they were back on the say surveying the damage. activity and doesn't let the crates were burned. it appears that workers accidentally started the blaze. the murder suspect is going to be brought back to the bay area to face charges. the fugitive task force arrested 20-year-old johnathan walker last night at a home in oregon. he is wanted in connection with two killings in vallejo. he is also wanted for killing two men at a party in san francisco" bayview district. san francisco police major eckstadt this afternoon and became suspicious when they noticed bags filled with brand- new iphones. our camera watched as police retrieved at least 10 new
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iphones from that vehicle. five men were in the car and city bought the phones -- say they bought the phones. seaward with these asking for the public's help in identifying a woman suspected of bribing the same credit union twice. surveillance photo is from the latest robbery on monday at the sf fire credit union on buckingham way. the woman is a black woman in her 33 and 215 pounds. "jeopardy" host alex trebek is on crutches after chasing a
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burglar out of his room. police say it is not clear how the woman got into investigators say most of the items stolen were recovered. >> personal items, purses, jewelry and things like that. >> are investigating at this aspect cashed investigators nabbed a suspect. mike mibach tax a witness who is they -- talks to a witness who was there. >> he started shooting been awarded said, no nothing implementing only identify him by his first name. he said that the familiar family of four spotted him in
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for the team and a man and offered him some fish and chips. just as they been for some enormous of the bashers. >> be residing within great and then when the shots were fired, i looked up. >> the husband was shot and critically wounded. >> they were trying to do a good deed. >> reporter: three and 7-year- old daughters were also in the man. >> is a good guy. he's a church guy. >> reporter: he says he did not see the gunmen and weapons were unloaded and suspects, heels investigators catch the gunman soon. >> i do not know why you do something like that he did not know the people. >> reporter: police that decided not to release the
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names of the victims. the man is in critical condition. marine biologist at trying to figure out how to coax a whale out of the river and into ocean. the calf swam out to sea but the mother is still swimming in circles for they had tried scaring the whale me might we mike -- we tried a meeting some killer whale sounds. >> it's not clear how long he can survive in the river. and animal shelters getting some much-needed help. coming up, a surprise call to save the day. police in norway destroyed
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bombs found at a farm rented by anders breivik. at least two were destroyed. a former san francisco mayor is adding their voice to those calling on ed lee to run for mayor. she also met with mayor lee prior to this week. in recent days he has been hinting that he is considering a run. some say that they are concerned that state and federal funding won't drive out. >> connect the dots and you will see that this is going to impact chinatown very
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unfavorably. >> they have a position to the 1.5 into a project be the project will connect the counter in station to chinatown. as spokesman todd says the project is a good shave. construction crews have started moving to any lengths to make room. the debate over the national debt reached in congress today spilled out. nat county rally simply better cap income plans. they slammed the plan as "cap, cut and end medicare." they were to were to do that if the government default is real and dangerous. that led to a big drop on the stock market today. tom vacar talk to a trader scene that was you to sending a
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message to washington. >> reporter: through numerous recessions, he is penetrating them into securities for 36 years on san francisco at the financial markets. as congress plays chicken with the debt ceiling come investors are getting more nervous about america's credit rating, support columns. >> wanted the real real plans for reducing -- what are the real plans for reducing the deficit? >> time or lack of it is thinning nerves. yesterday there was a 92-point loss in today today it's accelerated as today it has accelerated more than 200 points. >> they are sending messages to washington. and this sunday's message is a decline in the marketplace. >> reporter: the message is clear. >> wall street is saying, get something done, make a
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conclusive premade a viable plan and there'll be more noticed as we get closer to the date. so i would expect more downward action. >> reporter: many believe if we do not seem that this problem, some of the columns, some of the walls may come tumbling down tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. for the latest plans, visit the labor issue behind today's canceled flights. the bay area microclimate is back in full force and the warmest day of the upcoming weekend.
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>> after treating thousands of wounded troops and even presidents for more than a century, walter reed army hospital is closing its doors. the army hugged families at the historic medical center today predicted that machines will be moves to the medical center in bethesda, maryland. this comes four years it was discovered wounded troops were hospitalized in the standard living conditions. continental airlines canceled to flights today. it was not enough pilots to fly the planes. a check as they were ambushed as they outgoing flights were
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-- a check at san francisco abler shows that three outgoing flights were canceled. >> reporter: about 300 former union workers carted into the united out of workers hall today to find a new job or career. it stages first on job fair, allowing people to go through retraining for other fields street elizabeth bachmann takes biotech classes now and is open to anything. >> i am learning new ways to do stuff and it's extremely frustrating and very, very scary. >> reporter: christina scardino agrees. >> i am nervous. it's hard out there. i am looking at different jobs
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i have given skills. >> reporter: the event of the reputation of. >> they have a great work ethic emacs typically they do have something of a mechanical background pizza we are talking to them and sending them over to do some testing for its. >> reporter: -- or what will happen next but they don't a rejuvenating. >> it's a good feeling to come out and do it. >> reporter: they now plans a similar events next month. high-speed rail could be moving slower on the peninsula. they recently scaled back its planning efforts to and it's a section of its opposition and a lawsuit. the bay area council is working to build a coalition to forge a compromise. it's been discussed including
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decreasing train speeds in making construction less intrusive. there's a warning off tonight after what was believed to be a mountain lion attack on animals at a youth camp. some in petco goats and sheep were found dead -- seven pet goats and sheep were found dead. all hiking has been canceled for the summer. in east bay animal shelter will not have to close after all. it is a no kill facility that finds homes for all animals. with donations down by one third issue they are a one month away from shutting down and then a ktvu viewer today made a call. >> all, my gosh. are you kidding me? >> they would like to remain
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anonymous. >> $25,000. >> they were thrilled and crying practically. they say they do need a steady stream of donations to keep saving animals in the future. friends of michelle le are holding a vigil former right now. police say they believe she is dead for her family members are hopeful that she will be found alive by volunteers spent several spent several weekends searching areas. a 100,000 a reward is being offered in this case. crews are expected to release new details about a decade old cold case. janine harts disappeared 10 years ago today. she is presumed dead but her body was never found. this friday, investigators are
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expected to release forensic evidence. spew investigators say there is interesting evidence to file charges against two men who police say were involved in a gun battle that resulted in a stray bullet hitting an 11-year- old girl. 19-year-old lazarus thomas and 20-year-old shandon mitchell were involved in a gang shootout last tuesday. there were concerns that the girl might not survive a two- day police that her injuries are no longer life-threatening. the and timely death of amy winehouse is driving up her record sales. ♪ >> reporter: more problems at -- albums are selling then they had the past year.
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the federal judge in washington dc to a lawsuit that the end to end federal funding of stem cell research could a claim the white house violated a law permitting taxpayer funding. the ruling allows the government to continued supporting a wide range of sets of projects searching for cures to deadly diseases. new design for the metal that will be handed out at the 2012 summer olympics was unveiled today. it debuted in london. it represents the river thamesand nike. more and more water in lake tahoe. the unseasonably cool weather may be on its way out. meteorologist mark tamayo joins a snack. keep in mind you can watch the feminine dollar by newscasts on your computer or mobile device. we are streaming live for you
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free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> a rainy, snowy winter means of lake tahoe is full to the brim with water. the lake has risen more than twice the norms and october. in fact the five people asking
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is this its biggest rise since they started keeping record in 1900. could we are not quite there yet. >> we almost there. >> me talk about a warm-up for the past few days. a protest on track. that trend will continue through tomorrow. right now i can show you this on live stormtracker 2. there is a solid fog bank. we have dense overcast showing up in the parts of the coast. especially to its point reyes, pacifica and san francisco county. but bob will be targeting the coast in the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning cloud cover and temperatures will continue to warm up. hot temperatures inland. the coast, once again, be careful with low visibility is
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down to a quarter-mile tomorrow morning. most areas of the setting up in the low to mid 50s. san francisco 53 in san jose 57 degrees. so tomorrow, not too much change could a little bit warmer in a few spots. temperatures inland anti-to reach the low 90s. watching some which are moving to the south. the circulation around this i will bring a few extra high clouds and it could also be low the mighty of there. that will be for friday and saturday morning. fog coming in at 7:00. along the coast in the bag. clean skies with a few leftover patches to its part to shoreline tomorrow. in fact, some more ladies to show you tomorrow. clearlake tops out in the 90s.
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-- more fog banks to show you tomorrow. clearlake tops out in the 90s began as an upper 80s. saratoga, 89. here's a lookahead invite a protest in the weekend in view. temperatures fremont in the low to mid-90s inland. with the nfl lockout not overcome the bay area pro football is getting back to business. the oakland raiders reported to training camp in napa. both teams have picked up players and lost veterans. they will be trying to make up for lost time we met a lot of our guys are not here yet could we send a lot of guys. but we begin to a lot of guys who measures to make his preseason games are just a little over two weeks away.
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that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. keep in mind our coverage continues online at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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